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M3 Testimonial - Mike


If your not convinced our M3 Miracle Molecule Max is worth trying, read Mike's testimonial! 




No blockages and your rhythm is back to normal”


Each year I travel from Georgia to New Jersey to visit three of my children and their families. I usually stay for 3 to 4 weeks.  I am 78 years old.

I have had heart damage from a blood clot at age 49.  Eighteen years ago I had a 4 way bypass operation for clogged arteries. I have been taking M3 for a number of years. I have lived an active lifestyle, ending my working career as a high school teacher. The stress levels for teaching are high. After retiring at age 54 from teaching, I started a home inspection business and a scissors sharpening business. I had to sell the inspection business after having a hip replacement five years ago. I have been bothered with a-fib since then.  


On the trip North I ran into more stress, good and bad.  During the second week in New Jersey, the weather turned cold and my heart went into an altered rhythm,  It was beating at 140. I packed up and started driving for Georgia, but only got to Roanoke, Va. before admitting myself into a hospital. While there I had the surgery to check on blockages. After 18 years they found none. My heart returned to a normal rhythm by itself, with just some relaxing meds. 


They discussed putting me on Sotalol and what I would need to do to monitor this medication. I could not believe I did not have blockages. My heart has settled down and is beating a little slower and my blood pressure is just a little lower. Heart rate averages 47 to 50 and BP is 117/79 as an average. I am 6'-1/2" and weigh 208 #'s. I have always tried walking, riding a stationary bike and rowing. 


I am happy to do the regular activity associated with my daily life without doing much exercise. I plan on increasing my activity and decreasing my weight now that the sotalol has reduced the a-fib. I add the M3 everyday to a glass of water. It works much better than I could have imagined. No blockages, I still am amazed and will never forget the surgeon getting right up close to my face right in the operating room and telling me, "no blockages" and your rhythm is back to normal.



Atlanta, GA.