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Take M3 Miracle Molecule Max for a healthy vascular system!


Nitric oxide(NO) plays an important role in helping your arteries to relax as well as helping in the removal of plaque that builds up in the arteries over time. The presence of nitric oxide is considered a marker of healthy flexibility in the blood vessels. Over 50% of N.O. bioactivity is determined by diets containing nitrite and nitrate and by oral bacteria (which is why we recommend that you do not use antibacterial mouthwash).


The problem with creating a supplement for this important molecule is that it only lasts in the body for a short period of time. With M3 Miracle Molecule Max Dr. Jerry Wilkins has devised a way (with proper nutritional support) to provide your body with a constant boost of the molecule that was called “one of the most important discoveries of cardiovascular medicine” by Dr. Valentin Fuster who was president of the American Heart Association in 1998. Let’s take a look at some of the systems and functions of the body that NO can help support:


white blood cell

Immune system function


Nitric oxide has been shown to slow down the production of harmful bacteria and viruses and help the body to fight off these invaders by providing the white blood cells with the elements needed to function properly.


Blood sugar

Relieves diabetic complications


Two of the main killers for diabetics are blood pressure and heart attack/stroke. Nitric oxide can help to remove these threats by helping your endothelial cells to remove plaque and allow increased blood flow without clotting. NO helps to keep blood platelets from grouping together and thus naturally helps to prevent these blood clots. With greater blood flow the body can more effectively use blood glucose and so NO is a great help for diabetes sufferers.

Blood pressure

Blood pressure control


Having nitric oxide available can help your vessels and arteries adapt when there is stress or changing conditions in your body. When the endothelial cells of your arteries detect stress in your arteries if NO is available it can be taken into the smooth muscle of the artery to allow the muscles to dilate or relax. This allows greater blood flow and reduces blood pressure. This also helps with plaque regression.

Arterial plaque

Plaque regression


With a bad diet and age, our arteries can pick up plaque and scars which can affect the flow of blood and lead to greater health problems. NO availability can help to reduce plaque in the arteries by allowing the muscles within the arteries to relax. This allows for greater blood flow and will help the plaque lining the arteries to slowly reduce over time. With proper diet and availability of NO these effects can increase and further regress plaque accumulation.




As we all age our ability to produce nitric oxide naturally goes down. This can lead to many health problems including a lack of athletic performance, the inability to think as rapidly as we did when we were younger and even a lack of sexual performance all caused by lack of blood flow and oxygen transportation to the appropriate regions. Your ability to produce NO is directly related to how you perform in athletic stress tests and also your susceptibility to medical problems such as heart attack and stroke.