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Add your deal, information or promotional text The Choice: Healthier Blood Sugar Status

  • East Brunswick, NJ

Diabetes is Optional, is the name of a best-selling book by medical expert Jacob Teitelbaum, MD. The crux? Developing type 2 diabetes is indeed set in motion by dietary choices. Even after blood sugar numbers begin to creep up, choices can still be made to halt that process and even set it in reverse.

But comfort foods that by and large generate the inclining numbers are just too plentiful and too tempting especially in times of great duress, strife and stress, and especially in angst-ridden middle-agers. “Current estimates are that one third of adults will develop diabetes, metabolic syndrome or other severe manifestations of insulin resistance during their lifetime,” said Dr. Teitelbaum.

Scarlett Leung, co-founder & CEO, Sugarbreak, New York, noted that in the past 100 years, annual sugar consumption in the U.S. went from 178.5 pounds per person in 1915 to 150 pounds per person in 2011. “A record-setting 86 percent of Americans are actively trying to reduce their sugar intake, so we knew that we had to create a product that would also help address sugar consumption, as part of our core line. It is no secret that diabetes is a chronic disease that is still seen as shameful, so we wanted to create a brand that would destigmatize that and make customers feel like they are empowered to take care of their own health,” she commented.

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