What "heavy metals" do I need to worry about??

Mercury is one of the most toxic heavy metals in the environment. Other popular heavy metals that are harmful are arsenic, aluminum, and cadmium. These can occur through water pollution, foods, medicines, food containers, and lead-based paints. Bionox uses high-quality, safe, and effective chelating agents that are packed into acid-resistant capsules to bind heavy metals in your body and unwanted minerals and transport them out of the body.

How long until the heavy metals begin to get out of my system?

Results vary for each individual person. A couple of weeks is typical. However, it is advised that to do a thorough detox, you would want to use Chelanox for many months to get the desired results.

Is this safe for pregnant women?

It is important to talk with your physician before taking any dietary supplement.

Is this safe to take with other supplements?

It is recommended to take a mineral-dietary supplement in the morning with meals while using this product for proper mineral replacement.

Does Chelanox only flush toxins, or is there anything in it that binds toxins?

Modified citrus pectin, chlorella and zeolites are binders.

Does Chelanox potentially draw mercury out of existing amalgam fillings?

Chelanox pulls metals out of tissues but not out of the fillings themselves. For this reason, many practitioners recommend chelation therapy despite their patients having amalgam fillings.

Can I begin this detox if I have a metal screw in my wrist?

Always check with your health care provider before starting any new health program.   That being said, there is no evidence that taking the ingredients found in Chelanox would be contraindicated for someone that has metal screw implants.

I've been wanting to do a detox. Is this chelation considered a detox? How do I take this?

Chelanox supports and detoxifies all organs and internal systems, including the heart, liver, kidneys, and immune system.

For those with severe health challenges, we suggest taking the recommended dosage of 2 to 3 capsules up to four times daily for several months. Some might do an annual cleanse, take the recommended dose for 1-3 months, and then stop. Others take it daily to eliminate toxins they come in contact with safely.

It is recommended to take a mineral-dietary supplement in the morning with meals while using this product for proper mineral replacement.

Is Chelanox FDA approved?

Because Chalanox uses all-natural herbal extracts and mineral chelation agents, it would not be or need to be approved by the FDA. The FDA deals with medicines and not supplements. Chelanox is tested for purity, potency, and contaminants. Our most significant proof of efficacy is the thousands of delighted customers who have used it and felt its incredible effects.

Is it normal to have pain in your kidneys when taking the Chelanox Heavy Metal Detox?

On rare occasions people may experience what is called a "detox reaction" when using Chelanox. These symptoms are generally very mild and should not be alarming. These symptoms could include: headaches, fatigue, irritability, diarrhea, constipation, flu like symptoms, back pain (kidney area), or other discomforts. If you experience any of these know that the product is working to eliminate toxins and increase your water intake and rest. If the symptoms persist reduce the dosage for a week or so and slowly increase the dosage to the desired amount all the while drinking plenty of water.

Is your heavy metal detox product third-party tested?

All raw materials we use in all Bionox products are third-party tested.

Can Chelanox safely pull and remove mercury from my grandson (six years old), who has been diagnosed with autism and I suspect it's linked to vaccines containing mercury?

Yes, it's safe for your grandson to take Chelanox. It's 100% natural, tested for purity, efficacy, and potency. However, consulting with a doctor before starting any dietary supplement is advisable. Chelanox uses high-quality chelating agents to bind and remove toxic heavy metals from the body. The recommended dosage is 2 capsules per day or as advised by a doctor. Additionally, taking a mineral supplement in the morning with meals is recommended for proper mineral replacement.

Does Chelanox detox metals from the brain?

Yes, Chelanox may help detox metals from the brain. Notably, EDTA, one of its ingredients, acts as a chelator to bind and remove heavy metals from the body, potentially benefiting the brain by reducing the overall metal load. However, the extent to which EDTA crosses the blood-brain barrier is not definitively established. Other ingredients, such as Chlorella Algae, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Shilajit, Milk Thistle Seed Powder, and Modified Citrus Pectin, also contribute to potential neuroprotective effects and support brain health.

I'd like to know how much EDTA is actually in Chelanox. I would also like to verify what kind of EDTA that is.

It contains 500mg of EDTA per serving (2 capsules). The type of EDTA is Calcium.

Does Chelanox work on microplastics or plasticizers? Does it remove the plastic or just break it down?

Chelanox works by binding to heavy metals, boosting glutathione and your immune system, and also detoxing the NOS pathway... It does not bind to plastics but helps your natural detox mechanisms to function better so you can do it yourself. It also uses ALA (Alpha Lipoid Acid) that crosses the blood-brain barrier to help make sure your brain is included. So it supports the natural elimination of plastics and some of the by-products like metals and industrial contaminates found in them.

Is Chelanox only acid-resistant or enteric-coated?

It’s acid-resistant.