Don't just detox, Chelanox!

• Binds to unwanted contaminants and expels them from all tissues in the body.

• Special acid-resistant capsules that drastically increase EDTA absorption.

• Promotes healing in the body.

Aids the immune system, resulting in faster recovery times and increased energy levels.

• Contains ingredients like NAC and milk thistle that raise glutathione levels and provide a superior immune system cleanse and boost.

Provides peace of mind after using medicines or receiving shots that may have been contaminated with heavy metals.

Reduces or eliminates toxins and heavy metals that can accumulate and lower nitric oxide levels.

• Works with other Bionox products to support healthy nitric oxide levels.

How is Chelanox different than other formulas?

Most other detox formulas contain one main active ingredient to promote detoxification, like milk thistle. If these products contain other ingredients, they are in deficient, nonfunctional amounts. The same is true for most detox supplements. They may contain one toxin-binding agent but only contain a negligible amount of that active ingredient, making the product ineffective for detoxification.

Chelanox stands alone in having all the best natural detoxification and toxin-binding agents in powerful, therapeutic amounts. Nothing else works as well as Chelanox in terms of providing a systemic cleanse of all major organs and the circulatory system, as well as support for the circulatory and immune systems. Like all Bionox products, we formulated Chelanox based on one single question: "Does it work?"

When you buy Chelanox, you get three valuable and effective products in one, which, if purchased individually, would cost more than $100.

EDTA, one of the best natural metal binding and detox agents, is destroyed by stomach acid. To bypass this issue, we use acid-resistant capsules that help take the EDTA into the intestines, where the capsule then opens. This bypasses the stomach acid and takes the EDTA to a place where it can be directly absorbed in much greater amounts.


What is the recommended timing for using Chelanox effectively?

There is no wrong way to take Chelanox. For those with severe health challenges, we suggest taking the recommended dosage of 2 to 3 capsules up to four times daily for several months. Some might do an annual cleanse, take the recommended dose for 1-3 months, and then stop. Others take it daily to eliminate toxins they come in contact with safely.

Where does this fit in the product line?

• It can be taken with all of our other products.

• Take with Ultimate Nitric Oxide Nutrition as a “one-two punch" for nitric oxide boosting. Chelanox detoxifies the arginine pathway and     helps produce NOS (Nitric Oxide Synthase), and Ultimate Nitric Oxide Nutrition provides the arginine and other raw materials needed     to boost NO effectively.

Great product!

I am so glad this product is available! My doctor is keeping a close eye on my liver enzymes. I’m looking forward to January when I get my lab results. Thank you so much for making this product!

- Christy

Very Good!

After two weeks I've noticed an increase in energy. I was lagging on my home gym but after being on this product my strength has come back. I'm feeling more clear headed too! Good stuff!

- Dale

Great Product Bionox!

Chelanox definitely improved my fatigue, tiredness, and sluggishness during my first two weeks of use. I noticed improvements in alertness, energy levels, strength, and improved sleep. Kudos to Bionox for a product that provides great enhancement of liver and kidney functions with very noticeable results!

- C.B.