Healthy and when I do not have time for breakfast, it holds me over until lunch.

Healthy and when I do not have time for breakfast, it holds me over until lunch. In addition to this it seems to give me energy and better alertness with out spike drop off. I even eat lunch later and still have good energy. I wish I had tried this years ago. While skipping a high calorie meal once or twice a week, I feel full and have noticed that I am slimming up. Win win all the way around.

- Dennis

Excellent Product

I definitely feel more energized using Nox3, and find my skin looks healthier, and my digestive system functions better. I feel more alert, and healthier overall. I have tried similar products from other companies. This has been the best so far. It mixes well, unlike some other supplements, and the taste is mild. I like to add it to my protein shakes. Some powders have an off-putting taste and really kill the taste of my shake, but NOX3 has been a pleasant surprise. I'd recommend, especially for boosting your immune system.

- Jill

Nice Morning Perk

My son who has to drive over 60 miles one way to work each day..said when I make his morning shakes with Bionox (the green stuff)..he feels energized and focused during the day compared to days when he doesn't have the shakes.

- Lexi


I've been using this product for over a year now and I love it! It's packed full of essential nutrients which is nice because I don't always take my daily multi-vitamins. So it's nice to know this has a lot of them inside! It's also much more affordable than a competitor that I used to buy from. It's easy. Taste good. I just drop it in my pre-workout or protein shake everyday. I love to that when I'm not eating enough greens, I know I'm covered with Nox3!

- Nicho

Excellent way to increase NO in your blood.

I have a hereditary genetic defect where I do not produce Nitric Oxide (NO) from L-Arginine. So, I need to get most of my blood NO from metabolism of Nitrates or Nitrites. This is an excellent product, delivering a sustained amount of nitrates over night w/o a heavy carbohydrate hit. If the levels of NO in your blood is low, this is a great product to elevate it.

- Danny


A nice simple fresh tasting green superfood

I have purchased this before and the taste was fine, it tasted fresh and not overwhelming. Not sure if I felt more energy because I did not take it everyday, just sporadically. I like the fact that it’s not all full of added garbage and just a simple green superfood.

- Rachael