What is your superfood missing?

While some other superfoods contain vitamins and antioxidants that are good for you, most are missing a critical element; natural nitrates that work in tandem to boost health and blood flow. Modern farming methods have removed much of the healthy nitrates from our foods. This single deficiency is the root cause of multiple diseases of the cardiovascular and endocrine systems, the eyes, and the brain.

Nitric oxide brings more nutrients to the cells, making the Superfoods in our formula more powerful and absorbable. Nitric Oxide is the delivery system that efficiently and effectively delivers critically needed nutrients to the cells. Our Arugula Super Cardio Greens creates the nitric oxide the body needs and it contains the vital nutrients the cells need to operate at maximum efficiency.

What are natural nitrates?

Arugula can contain large amounts of natural nitrates when grown in suitable soil. These nitrates are responsible for producing and boosting nitric oxide levels in the human body. They have powerful cardiovascular and even immune system-boosting effects. These natural nitrates are unlike the synthetic ones found in processed meats like bacon, which should be avoided at all costs!


What is Nitric Oxide?

Nitric oxide is a gas produced in your body that makes your blood vessels open up and become more elastic. It has been used by bodybuilders to increase recovery time and strength and to pump up the muscles. It is also used in the medical world to help people with high blood pressure and heart disease.


Open, healthy veins and arteries bring more blood and nutrients to the organs and cells. Increased nitric oxide levels can bring remarkable, meaningful, and positive changes to one’s health. Boosting nitric oxide levels results in easy-to-spot results like more energy, more endurance, lower blood pressure, and overall health that the person feels day-to-day throughout each and every day.

33 Superfoods and Probiotics with 100 mg of Standardized Natural Arugula Nitrates.

The efficiency with which the human body absorbs and creates nitric oxide from arugula depends on gut health and probiotics in the mouth. Bacteria in the mouth are responsible for the conversion of nitrates into nitric oxide. The use of antibiotics and even mouthwash can raise blood pressure by many points due to this relationship! Kill the oral bacteria, and nitric oxide production stops dead in its tracks.
That's why we have included probiotics and stomach-friendly pro-gut superfoods in our Arugula Super Cardio Greens.
Heart and cognitive health depend on a healthy digestive system that can absorb and convert leafy greens into nitric oxide.

What makes Arugula Super Cardio Greens better than other formulas?

Other superfoods and greens products are focused on simply including the ingredients they know customers want to see on the label. It's like a party, and they want to invite everyone they can.

Arugula Super Cardio Greens is different because it uniquely adds a therapeutic dose of arugula along with 33 healthy whole foods. It's a VIP-only event!


Most other Superfood powders have no standardized nitrates or concentrated amounts of beneficial Superfoods, and there is no other product on the market today that offers the powerful combination of arugula and 33 whole foods. We stand alone in focusing on a therapeutic dose of one powerful ingredient and standardizing the dosage so it always works.

Other superfoods do not produce a feeling of well-being and energy. This product does.

Our customers who take Arugula Super Cardio Greens tell us they feel the positive effects immediately and consistently.

How to take Arugula Super Cardio Greens

This product can be taken as a stand-alone healthy supplement, or it can be combined with other Bionox products to create an even more powerful nitric oxide boost, along with all of the health benefits described above. It can be taken nonstop - no need to take breaks or cycle! One scoop of Arugula Super Cardio Greens can be taken for up to three times daily.


Where does this fit in with other Bionox products?

Arugula Super Cardio Greens is our Heart Healthy Superfood product.
• It can be taken with all of our other products.
• Take with our Bionox Ultimate Nitric Oxide Nutrition product for a 24-hour nitric oxide boost.
• Take with Chelanox to detox and bind unwanted toxins in the body.
• Take with Beetroot Energy for a nitric oxide boost on the go in easy-to-use cherry tarts.