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Jay Wilkins, ND

Jay Wilkins is a doctor of naturopathy who has been practicing health and wellness modalities for over 25 years. From 1993-2005, Dr. Wilkins operated a fully staffed wellness center with a focus on electro-dermal screening, homeopathy, functional medicine, energy medicine, massage therapy, detox programs, non-invasive health screenings, and herbal remedies. 

In 2005, Dr. Wilkins became interested in the revolutionary 1998 Nobel Prize winning research on nitric oxide (NO) nutrition. He was so captivated by this groundbreaking research, that he sold his practice and began sharing the benefits of nitric oxide through lectures and product development. Dr. Wilkins also integrated teaching the Pulse Wave Analysis: a non-invasive vascular screening that indicates arterial constriction, congestion, stiffness and blockage and how over time specific nitric oxide nutrients can cause a reversal of chronic conditions.

In 2013, Dr. Wilkins created Bionox with his flagship nitric oxide nutraceutical, M3 Ultimate Nitric Oxide Nutrition. He has been pioneering products that activate the body’s innate power to realize optimum health ever since

Maria Mero

I have many years of experience working in customer service and teaching English. I am also bilingual (English and Spanish). I am here to help you get the best products and make your customer service experience super pleasant! It is rewarding to hear so many good results obtained from the products ordered. I want to help you in whatever way possible . It is gratifying to be part of the Bionox family and be able to assist others with their health! I enjoy reading ,exercising and teaching. I look forward to hearing your great results from using these magnificent products. Call me :)

Matthew Crowder

Matthew has more than 20 years of experience creating applications and web-based solutions for fortune 500 companies that include Delta Airlines, T-Moble, and Airlines Reporting Corporation to name just a few. Matthew's focus at Bionox has been primarily in e-commerce, specializing in fulfillment, logistics and marketing technologies.

Matthew has been part of the Bionox team from the very beginning and is a fervent believer in and user of M3 Ultimate Nitric Oxide Nutrition.

Rob van der Ven

My mission is to help people improve their health with evidence based nutrition. This all came about because of my heart surgery at the age of 14. I became fascinated how to restore the body via natural interventions. Because of my background in chemical engineering, sales, medical and orthomolecular training, I became inspired by the M3 formula and the nitric oxide solutions Bionox has to offer. 4 years ago I started promoting Bionox products at trade fairs throughout Europe and in private practice. I am amazed by the results every day! I am proud to be spreading the “Motivating Wellness” message to doctors, individuals and therapists in Europe, the Middle East and Asia as a part of the global Bionox Team.

Jim Fischer

Jim Fischer is a 30 + year veteran in the natural food industry and has been involved on all levels since 1998.  Jim started in 1986 and has used education as his primary focus in spreading the health message.

He enjoys an active lifestyle and trains at a local gym in his hometown of St. Petersburg. He is a native of St Paul Minnesota and grew up in the golf business where his dad and grandfather had their roots.  At age 7 he appeared on the cover of a USGA magazine promoting the first junior course in the US.

Jim joined Team Bionox in 2018 and has enjoyed being a part of the mission to educate his customers on the benefits of nitric oxide nutraceuticals.