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Harness the wellness within with M3. Optimal Nitric Oxide levels help create energy, stamina and reduce cardiovascular problems. M3 is the leader in mixing medical knowledge with the understanding that nature offers incredible alternatives.

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Key benefits

Enhanced Eye & Brain Health

Nitric Oxide supports circulation and nutrient delivery to cells improving cognition and vision

Made without

Effective solution without any harsh drugs

Safe & Natural

All ingredients are safe, tested and M3 is Made in The USA

How to use

M3 is easy to take and tastes great.

Take one scoop in the morning when you get up before breakfast.

Take a second scoop in the evening before you go to bed, on an empty stomach.

I love that this is a doctor recommend formula with integrity - what's on the label is truly in the product!

- D. Weaver

Frequently asked questions

Can I take m3 if I am taking prescription medications?

Always check with your doctor before adding something new to your daily regime. That being said, thousands of health conscious individuals have added these nutrients into their daily program with no problem. Ask your doctor, “are there any contraindications for me taking these nutrients?”

How much should I take?

The recommended dose is two scoops per day. That being said, many with compromised health have doubled (or more) the dosage with excellent results. Again, check with your doctor.

How do I know if it's working?

Many people will notice better energy and sleep patterns very soon after taking M3. However, the best results are seen over time. Give it at least 3 to 6 months for specific health challenges you may have.