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Heart Disease And High Blood Pressure Can Be Reversed. It's Time For YOU To Take Control!

M3 produces Nitric Oxide in the blood and body to support the reduction of high blood pressure, heart disease and other cardiovascular problems. M3 works better than Arginine alone. M3 uses beetroot along with l-arginine and l-citrulline and antioxidants that help the N.O. molecule last longer in your system. Our proprietary herbal blend also helps create a 3rd stage of nitric oxide boosting that makes M3 more powerful and effective.


Breath easy. M3's effects are felt right away. You won't be left wondering "is this working?"

This offer includes 4 stick packs, with 2 flavors of M3. Berry and our new Citrus with K2!

M3 Miracle Molecule Max Stick Pack

Here is what you will get



We are also including 2 stick packs of our new citrus flavored M3. With the addition of Vitamin K2, to help clean and heal your veins, this is our most powerful offering to date!

The Best Nitric Oxide
Superior Nitric Oxide



We are including 2 stick packs of our original formula. This is where it all began. M3 has changed countless peoples lives. No more medications for some, a new lease on life for many, you can't afford to not try this truly miraculous mixture!


What are the side effects of taking M3?


There are no “side effects” per se. Most people just enjoy the health benefits of increasing their own nitric oxide. On very rare occasions some may initially have some digestive upset (loose bowels) which typically gets better after a few days.


When should I take M3?


M3 is best taken away from meals (at least 20 minutes before or after eating).

Can I take m3 if I am taking prescription medications?


Always check with your doctor before adding something new to your daily regime. That being said, thousands of health conscious individuals have added these nutrients into their daily program with no problem. Ask your doctor, “is their any contraindications for me taking these nutrients?”


How much M3 should I take?


The recommended dose is two scoops per day. That being said, many with compromised health have doubled (or more) the dosage with excellent results. Again, check with your doctor.


How do I know if its working?


Many people will notice better energy and sleep patterns very soon after taking m3. However, the best results are seen over time. Give it at least 3 to 6 months for specific health challenges you may have.


Is M3 safe / good for Glaucoma?


Nitric Oxide has thousands of studies stating its benefits. The eyes are included. Here are what some authorities are saying regarding various optical functions, “NO is an important mediator of homeostatic [health giving, disease preventing] processes in the eye, such as regulation of aqueous humor dynamics [the amount of fluid inside the eyeball], retinal neurotransmission [the role of the retina in sending electrical signals to the brain] and phototransduction [the conversion of light into electrical signal].” – Survey of Opthalmology


nitric oxide supplement

Whats Under the Hood?

Nitric Oxide Done Right

M3 contains a special blend Arginine, Citrulline, Beetroot, Pomegranate and Watermelon extract. There are several ways your body converts nutrients into nitric oxide. These ingredients represent all the best known ways to do so. Since the different ingredients convert into N.O. at different time frames, the mixture ensures that you are getting nitric oxide at longer, and more regular intervals. Think of it as time released N.O.

Built To Last

We include a therapeutic dose of vitamin d and other antioxidants in M3. The reason is that antioxidants are critical to protecting the nitric oxide molecule in your body and help it to work longer and harder. Nitrates from beetroot for example are converted into nitric oxide in the body and studies show this to be safe and extremely beneficial. Bacon however, also has nitrates! Eating only bacon however, has been shown to damage the heart and body. Why would beets help and bacon hurt? The answer is ANTIOXIDANTS. This solves a modern mystery. Why have so many studies shown many vitamins to be almost useless in terms of helping health, yet most studies show vegetables loaded with those same vitamins do provide health benefits? The answer is that vitamins ( antioxidants ) protect the nitrates in the food, and without the antioxidants the nitrates become unstable.


M3 contains AstraGin. A combination of Astragalus and Ginseng that increases absorption. M3 is therefore better digested and tolerated by many who could not take other arginine based products due to stomach upset.