Lower Blood Pressure, Increase Energy

Backed by Nobel Prize-winning science and gold standard clinical trials



Used by medical professionals in their daily practice, athletes, and thousands of people suffering from high blood pressure, Nox3 Beets has been shown to deliver results! Each delicious chewable lozenge contains over 100mg of concentrated natural nitric oxide producing beet nitrates. 20X stronger than a beet chew. Hundreds of times more concentrated that most beet powders! Comes with test stips so you can verify results.


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Nutritional Support for Healthy:



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Are Natural Nitrates Good For You?

Natural Nitrates Found In Beets Are Good In Every Way. They Help Create Nitric Oxide In Your Body!

Synthetic Nitrates In Meats Are Different And Should Be Avoided. They Do Not Work The Same As Natural Nitrates.

Over 40? You're likely
Nitric Oxide Deficient.

3 Warning Signs You

  • Need More Nitric Oxide

* Feeling Fatigued

  • * Unhealthy Blood Pressure
  • * No Signs at All!!

The Scariest Part of Nitric Oxide Deficiency
is Not Feeling Anyting At All -Until It's Too Late


If you've been told you need to support your bloodpressure levels,

are struggling with healthycirculation and blood flow, or know

that you havehigher risk factors getting the right levels of NitricOxide

may help support cardiovascular function,circulation,healthy blood

pressure,arterial function,and more.


With M3's great-tasting powder, it’s never been
easier to support your heart health!

You Can't Live Without Nitric Oxide


Nitric Oxide signals the bloodvessels in the body to relax anddilate, helping to deliver oxygenand nutrients to the body throughenhanced circulation and greatercardiovascular performance.


This “miracle molecule” regulatesand fine-tunes cardiac function,which makes it indispensable.Nitric Oxide is intrinsically tied toour ability to function as we wereintended.


Nitric Oxide supports the maintenance of healthy blood pressure and overall cardiovascular health. Because Nitric Oxide relaxes and dilates arteries, it can help regulate blood pressure.

As a naturopathic doctor with over 25 years of experience, my focus is always to ensure that each of you have effective natural health solutions to live life fully.


When I discovered the unique multiple benefits of the Nobel prize winning molecule, nitric oxide, I developed the Bionox line of products.

Nox3 Beets provides a potent combination of nutrients that activate the innate power of the body to realize optimum health. Taken daily along with a balanced diet and exercise, Nox3 Beets will provide you with one of the most potent beetroot formulas available. Try Nox3 Beets today and feel the difference!

User Experiences

5.0 out of 5 stars - I Love these Lozenge's

The day my package arrived I had a migraine and no migraine medicine. I decided to try one of the Logenzes to see if it would help (opens blood vessels). It did! I was so surprised my headache started to diminish. It didn't take it completely away but the relief I did get was huge. I have been taking them every morning now and feel the difference in my energy level. I keep forgetting to try the my fit strips but I look forward to seeing the difference. this is a product that I will continue to use. BTW, they taste great!


- Lori Mulvaney

5.0 out of 5 stars Hands down the most convenient way to get your beets

I'm a fan of all things beets. Fresh beets in my salad, beet greens, beet powder, beet juice, even those small packs of pre-cooked beets at the grocery store.
If they had zero health benefits, I would still be crushing beets in all forms. These tablets are unquestionably the best way to get some beets on the go. They taste great, they travel well and they give me a hit of beet root any where, any time. Played a round of golf this morning and threw a packet of these into my bag. They didn't lower my score, but they were convenient and tasted great.


- C. Kay

Accordion 3

This tab tastes great and is way more convenient than powders and drinks for carrying your nitrix oxide with you.
I pop one in the gym during my workout and that gives me pump for the whole workout.


- M. Power


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If, for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied with the investment you make in supporting cardiovascular and heart health with Nox3 Beets, simply return the unused portion within 90 days of purchase. You'll receive a full refund of your purchase price.


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