Beetroot Energy - Cherry Tart

Get the power of one whole beet in each cherry tart!

Beetroot Energy is a super tasty, easy-to-use nitric oxide booster that gives you energy, endurance, and stamina, along with incredible health benefits. Unlike many other brands, we use a full 100mg of healthy, natural beetroot nitrates that power potency and get fast and consistent results each day, every day.


• Increased and sustained energy
• Supports ncreased strength and endurance
• Increases vasodilation for harder, more vascular-looking muscles (great for gym pumps)
• Increased blood flow supports improvements in health, cognition, and skin tone and tightness.

Convenience and Taste

Unlike beetroot powders, Beetroot Energy is an easy-to-use, delicious cherry tart that requires no mixing or preparation. Our natural cherry flavor is fantastic and is loved by our customers!

What are natural nitrates?

Beets can contain large amounts of natural nitrates when grown in suitable soil. These nitrates are responsible for producing and boosting nitric oxide levels in the human body. They have powerful cardiovascular and immune system-boosting effects. These natural nitrates are unlike the synthetic nitrates found in processed meats like bacon, which should be avoided.

What makes Beetroot Energy different from other beetroot products?

Most beetroot products contain almost no natural nitrates. Natural beet nitrates are responsible for all the health benefits associated with beets. We use a standardized 100 mg of natural beet nitrates to produce real results. Some other formulas use synthetic nitrates as a cheap way to increase the value of nitrates on the label, but those nitrates are ineffective and unhealthy.

Where does this fit in the Bionox product line?

Beetroot Energy is designed to be taken on the go, anytime, anywhere, for sports and energy.

• It can be taken with all of our other products.

• Pairs well with our Bionox Ultimate Nitric Oxide Nutrition Product for a powerful, 24-hour nitric oxide boost.

• Take with our Chelanox to detox and bind unwanted toxins in the body.

• Take with our Arugula Super Cardio Greens for a powerful nitric oxide boost.

Hands down, the most convenient way to get your beets

I'm a fan of all things beets. Fresh beets in my salad, beet greens, beet powder, beet juice, even those small packs of pre-cooked beets at the grocery store.
If they had zero health benefits, I would still be crushing beets in all forms. These tablets are unquestionably the best way to get some beets on the go. They taste great, they travel well and they give me a hit of beet root any where, any time. Played a round of golf this morning and threw a packet of these into my bag. They didn't lower my score, but they were convenient and tasted great.

- C. Kay

They taste good!

First and foremost I was very hesitant on trying these because I do not like beets. With the latest and greatest and newest info that beets are a health booster I figured I’d try them. 😁 I am pleased with the flavor and I noticed energy in the afternoon when I’m usually sluggish and want a nap but not like a caffeine surge that keeps me from falling asleep. Definitely recommend.


I love these Lozenge's

The day my package arrived I had a migraine and no migraine medicine. I decided to try one of the Logenzes to see if it would help (opens blood vessels). It did! I was so surprised my headache started to diminish. It didn't take it completely away but the relief I did get was huge. I have been taking them every morning now and feel the difference in my energy level. I keep forgetting to try the my fit strips but I look forward to seeing the difference. this is a product that I will continue to use. BTW, they taste great!

-Lori Mulvaney

Very Satisfied!

I have been very satisfied with this product so far! I am looking forward to using it more and more! So far I have noticed that they didn't taste awful! They were actually decent tasting! This was a plus! This also has seemed to give me more energy as well! I would 10/10 recommend this.

- Peck

It's got a great taste!

I really like the taste more willing to take it only thing I disliked was that sugar is in them but it is a pretty small amount so I will keep taking them I like what you get for taking them circulatory wellness.

-Jennifer h.


Nitric Oxide game changer

This tab tastes great and is way more convenient than powders and drinks for carrying your nitric oxide with you.

I pop one in the gym during my workout and that gives me pump for the whole workout.

The ad says each tablet contains same nitrate value as one whole beet. If true, that is a game changer in my opinion.

- Max Power



Beetroot Energy FAQs

Can I take more than 2 Beetroot Energy Tarts a day?

Depending on the health benefits you are looking to achieve, you can take 1-3 tarts per serving.

What is the maximum number of Beetroot Energy Tarts I can consume in a day? 

You can take 1-3 tarts twice per day.

Can I chew the Beetroot Energy Tart, or does it only work if it dissolves?

You can chew the lozenge. However, it was designed to be dissolved to allow the saliva ample time to interact and break down the nitrates into nitric oxide.

Why use Beetroot Energy if arugula is a better superfood? 

Arugula is higher in dietary nitrates than any other superfood. However, we like to facilitate options. Some people may not like arugula but do like beets. So, we make both Beetroot Energy and Arugula Super Cardio Greens with 100 mg of nitrates per serving.

How does Beetroot Energy help me with cellular energy? 

Cellular energy is important for overall health. If your cellular energy is high, your energy is high.

What distinguishes Beetroot Energy from Arugula Super Cardio Greens? 

Arugula Super Cardio Greens is a powder with 26 different superfoods, including the recent addition of arugula. Arugula gives you 100 mg of nitrates per serving. Beetroot Energy is just a few ingredients, such as beets, that also give you 100 mg of nitrates per serving. So it is up to you which one you want to take—or both!

Are all the ingredients in Beetroot Energy natural?

Yes, all the ingredients are natural.

Is it safe to take both Beetroot Energy and Arugula Super Cardio Greens?

It is completely safe to take Beetroot Energy and Arugula Super Cardio Greens. My favorite way to take them together is to take a scoop of Greens and then take a Beetroot Energy tart!

Why does Beetroot Energy have nitrates? I thought nitrates were bad for you.

Things like beets, spinach, arugula, and other greens have naturally occurring healthy nitrates. So consuming nitrates in their natural form is a great way to boost your nitric oxide levels.

Can I take Beetroot Energy with other l-arginine and l-citrulline supplements?

You can absolutely take Beetroot Energy and Arugula Super Cardio Greens with Ultimate Nitric Oxide Nutrition or any other l-arginine supplements. The reason is that nitric oxide is facilitated through two different pathways: the l-arginine pathway (through the circulatory system) and the nitrate pathway (through the digestive system).

What foods can I take with Beetroot Energy and when is the best time?

Beetroot Energy can be taken with any meal. The preferable time is somewhere in between meals, maybe 20 minutes prior to or after eating. That way, your body has enough time to break down all of the beneficial ingredients in Beetroot Energy.

 What makes Beetroot Energy lozenges superior to chews? 

Most of the chews on the market do not have nitrates. The advantage of a lozenge is that it interacts more with the saliva, which allows the nitrates to break down into nitric oxide. We believe the lozenge is superior to the chew because it dissolves slowly, allowing you to spend more time with your saliva.