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Arginine VS Beetroot

Would you like to boost your health and energy levels and experience fast and reliable results?

If so, you are looking in the right place! Nitric oxide is an amazing, massively studied, proven, and verified health-enhancing molecule.

arginine vs beetroot

What NO Booster Is Best?

There are two big players in the world of nitric oxide supplements. Amino Acids like arginine and citrulline are popular, and beets are the typical alternative.

Arginine & Citrulline Rating On Effectiveness:

To cut to the chase, they work and work well for most people with a few important caveats.

  • Arginine and citrulline should be taken together. The effective dosage is higher than most supplements contain.
  • You want to start at around 5000 mg at least of arginine with 2000 mg of citrulline at a bare minimum per day.
  • You should take a serious chelation detox to get the most out of these amino acids if you are older or suffering with serious health issues.
  • You should take vitamin D with this as it is vital to your body's use of nitric oxide.
  • You should take various antioxidants with arginine and citrulline to extend the life of the nitric oxide in your system.


Beetroot Rating On Effectiveness:

Like arginine and citrulline, beetroot works well for most people. It also has a few critical considerations.

It's neither stronger nor weaker, just different in a few ways. Here is what you need to know;

  • Beetroot creates nitric oxide via bacteria in your mouth and stomach, so you need good flora (bacteria) in either place to get good results.
  • You should not use mouthwash with beetroot because it kills the good bacteria.
  • Most beetroot supplements do not contain any valuable levels of nitrates, the crucial nitric oxide precursor that makes beets produce NO. The issue is that each farm has different soil and nutrients, so the amounts are unstable. Each beet comes out with wildly different nutrient levels.



If you want to guarantee results, do a complete heavy metal detox to prepare your body for arginine and citrulline if you have serious health problems. If you want to go the beetroot route, make sure the beetroot supplement has standardized nitrates and you see on the package how many milligrams of nitrates are guaranteed to be in each dose.

We have an arginine and citrulline productwith everything your body needs to get your nitric oxide support system in gear. We also have beetrootwith a guaranteed 100 mg of nitrates. We also have a chelation supplement to help those who want to get more out of an arginine and citrulline based product, for those who need that extra help.