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Loyalty Rewards

We have revamped our loyalty program to make it easier to redeem points!

We have eliminated all points and made all rewards automatic. From now on, rewards are sent automatically, no need to redeem points, edit your order or take any action!


Why did we change our rewards system?

Most of our users are subscribers on auto-ship. Because we offer 15% off for auto ship subscriptions, it's by far the most popular way of purchasing through our website. The problem with points and discount codes on auto-ship is since the order is created automatically how do you redeem your points? Many customers had to stop their subscription, create a new order, enter discount code, get their free or discounted product, then the next month resubscribe and enter in all their cards details all over. Points and discount codes require time to enter them in, and require people to remember if they used them already and keep track. That's too confusing and complex for most. We want to make your life easier, not harder.


How rewards work?

On various order quantity levels of each product, our system will unlock gifts automatically and you will get one additional bottle for free or a special mixed bag of gifts that we will change up from time to time. No need to enter in codes, no order to create, no hassles.